Warm Veggie Salad Meal

* Adapted from Dr. Stoll

This is a family favorite even my husband makes this one. Its so easy and filling! Hard to think of warm stuff on top of cold salad greens BUT TRY IT!!

1 medium chopped onion
1 stalk of celery
2 garlic cloves
1 can or 1 cup of cooked chick peas
1 can or 1 cup of cooked Navy beans (or pinto or black)
1 bag of frozen mixed veggies
¼ cup Whole Oats/Quick Oats/Oatmeal
1 cup of Low sod Veggie Broth
Braggs Amino Acids                                               1-2 tbsp of Extra Virgin Olive oil               
2 tablespoons of Nutritional Yeast 
salad greens                         

Adam made this one above he thought black beans were Navy beans lol

1-      Saute Onion, celery in extra virgin olive oil  until transparent. Add minced garlic sautee for another 30 sec
2-      Rise beans and add
3-      Stir in the frozen bag of veggies, add  half of the Oats, pour in ½ the veggie broth and let thicken slowly adding the Oats and liquid until it thickens
4-      Simmer for a few minutes to eliminate the starchy tast and squirt in a few squirts of BRAGGS and throw in a handful of Nutritional Yeast.

5-      Arrange plates with mixed spring greens and place large serving of this warm mixture on top! 

Lazy Vegan Halupkies

This recipe was so simple I wonder why I didn't slap it together sooner. Halupkies have always been a family tradition- beef, pork & bacon with white rice & onions wrapped in cabbage leaves cooked in homemade tomato sauce.  Since changing the way we ate a few years ago and started eating less meat (expense for clean meat & healthier) I haven't made them. I love creating new family favorite recipes meat free (my husband doesn't always get excited since I call steak night cauliflower steak night now) but they do enjoy the new family favorites and laugh and joke about the new adventure.

  • 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil 
  • 6 garlic cloves grated
  • 1 large onion diced
  • 1 cups red lentils
  • 1 can of  black beans (I used dried soaked them for 2 hours and cooked them 25 mins then threw in) 
  • 2 cups water
  • 1 tbsp of veg bullion
  • 1 tbsp of Miso
  • 1 bag of Organic Brown rice (I used freezer pouch and threw in last minute)
  • 1 bag of organic Coleslaw mix if your really lazy or 2 cups shredded cabbage
  • 1 small jar organic sauerkraut, drained
  • 1 28oz can organic crushed tomatoes
  • 1 280z can organic diced tomatoes with juice
  • 1 cup water
  •  salt
  •  pepper
  •  paprika

1- Carmelize the onions in the EXVO, add the garlic and saute.
2- Add the miso & veg bullion to the 2 cups HOT water till they dissolves.
3- Add everything (but rice) into the slow cooker, set on low for 6 hours.
4- add precooked Brown rice at the end, salt and pepper to taste! 

7 TIPS to get up Early to workout

Rise and Shine! Getting my workout in first thing in the morning is non negotiable for me. So many people tell em they don't have time to workout- then its not a priority in your life. First and Foremost PLAN to get up early and go to bed early!
Ask yourself -What are my priorities? If I don't get up and get it done (or get some other things off my to do list done) before the kids get up, I'm cutting time from doing an activity with my kids and I'm not giving my kids the best of me.If I don't get my workout in my entire day changes, I'm tired, grumpy and my kids know it. Sure over the last few months things have changed since having my third child and I am sure they will alter more as summer approaches and my oldest is out of school. When I get it done I have more energy to do all God has planned for me that day. Afraid to wake the kids up? I play soft music on repeat as my kid sleeps as night to drown out my workouts. If they do happen to wake up-Who cares! I do think it is important too to allow the kids to see you working out too just as its good to allow them to see you in your quiet time reading your Bible. (For working out with kids around see my other post)

1- Go to bed early when you are starting out this new routine make sure you get enough sleep! 7-8 hours! Now with my newborn I don't get that much in a row, its more like 6-7 hours total but I know this is only temporary and working out to me is still important or I'm so much more tired during the day. I have to make myself go to sleep earlier by having a cup of chamomile tea and reading to help me settle and actually go to bed.

2- Set an alarm. There are some crazy awesome alarms on your phone, Did you know can set your phone to a message...Why not some blood pumpin music or a message "Get your feet on the floor & make the Devil say Oh crap she is up"  Key is to NOT hit the snooze button. As soon as it goes off BEFORE your mind has time to think get those feet on the floor!! Our mind is the battle we tell ourselves 5 more mins or fill it with excuses why we should go back to sleep.

3- Lay out your workout clothes the night before. I get out all my workout gear so I'm not fumbling through my drawers half asleep.

4- Get dressed in your workout clothes after your feet hit the floor, that means sneakers too.

5- Don't pee in the bathroom in your bedroom lol this gives a chance for you to climb back in bed! Use bathroom other part of house, or WAIT till you get to the gym.

6- Start the tea kettle right away or set your coffee maker to brew. I drink Green Tea or Coffee

7- Eat a quick LITE snack you made the night before, I eat a hard boiled egg and drink my tea while I read my morning devotions before pressing play.

I'm not gonna act like its easy! I am currently on day 3 of trying to get back to this routine after having my 9 week old (3rd child). You better believe I'm determined and will keep at it, some days I'll fail and need some extra sleep but I'll keep chipping away and soon (maybe in awhile) my body will wake up automatically!

Some verses that encourage me
"She gets up before dawn to prepare breakfast for her household and plan the day's work for her servant girls." Proverbs 31:15

"I Can do all things, thru Christ who gives me strength" Phil 4:13

What is PiYo?

Chalene is my favorite instructor with Beachbody  and has other popular and fun programs Turbo Jam, Turbo Fire & ChaLEAN Extreme which all have changed the way I workout! All her workouts are jam packed with music and energy to change the way you workout and have fun with fitness! This is why I am SO excited for yet another program to challenge and change me! 

What is PiYo? And what is PiYo all about?
Carve an intensely defined physique-without jumps, without weights, and without joint strain. Using body weight, PiYos uses low-impact, high-intensity movements inspired by Pilates and yoga. The result? Long, lean, muscles, a high, firm booty, and tight, flat, sexy abs. PiYo will work every single muscle to stabilize, stretch, and strengthen every inch of a body. And since Chalene PiYo workout cranked up the speed and the fun, crazy calories will be burned too! 

So Who Is Piyo For? EVERYONE! Even beginners!  It is a high intensity low impact workout that can be modified to meet everyone's and anyones needs.  It is meant to improve flexibility, torch calories and get you in the best shape of your life!
There is no jumping in this workout so it is great for someone who needs a low impact option.  It will overall give you a toned, sleek, and complete body transformation.  Piyo is inspired by Pilates and Yoga.  There are no weights required for this workout.

The Piyo Program comes with 8 WORKOUTS (9  an extra one for ordering thru me!) 

  • Align: The Fundamentals (40 min.): This workout breaks down the most important and effective moves in the program to help you perfect your form and get the best results possible.
  • Define: Lower Body (25 min.): Get your sleekest and leanest legs ever as you lengthen and strengthen your entire lower body—from your glutes and hamstrings to your calves.
  • Define: Upper Body (35 min.): Use this incredibly effective workout to start chiseling away at your upper body to help shape your arms, carve out your triceps, and define sexy shoulders.
  • Sweat (35 min.): A traditional PiYo workout that incorporates effective dynamic conditioning, fast-paced cardio yoga-flows, and bodyweight resistance strength training to help sculpt your entire body.
  • Core (30 min.): This ab-centric workout hits your powerhouse from every angle to build a strong core, flat, sculpted abs and obliques, as well as a strong and sexy back.
  • Strength Intervals (25 min.): Twenty-five minutes is all you need of this nonstop body-carving, calorie-incinerating workout that uses no weights, no equipment, and gives you no bulk!
  • Drench (45 min.): This endurance workout maximizes fat burning while it works every muscle in your body. It will not only leave you drenched—it will kick-start your metabolism as you scorch away the fat.
  • Sculpt (30 min.): This workout uses varying tempos to keep your muscles under tension for different periods of time. This generates muscular endurance and metabolic changes that will totally transform your figure.

What is a Challenge group and how do I join?
A Piyo Challenge Group is a group that is unique to my style of coaching and combining other coaches to run a super effective weight loss group! It is a closed online accountability group in which everyone will submit their results to Team Beachbody for a chance to win the monthly and quarterly prizes plus you will have the opportunity to be one of the first people to complete the program and share your proof that transformation is possible if you follow the schedule, stay committed and are dedicated to your success.

Testimonial:  Since I started PiYo six months ago, I have broken every single personal marathon pace and I’m astonishingly faster than I ever dreamed possible. I broke the four-hour mark for my marathon time and I know it’s because of Piyo. Plus, normally I’m spent for a week after a marathon, but the next day I felt great! – Student of Chalene’s

How do you join? CLick on the link below to get on the list and click attending to reserve your spot only taking limited number of people so we can REALLY zero in and CREAM this together! 

Watch this video for an intro to the workout!
How bad do you want to carve out your body & strength and get the BEST results? Then you need to go for the BEST OPTION and bang for your buck by adding Shakeology to the program with a Challenge Pack! Shakeology is a NON negotiable for me, I drink it everyday!
It includes the following:

60 Day program
25-45 minute workouts
Base Kit (8 workouts plus 1 extra bonus workout when purchasing thru me)
Tools: Quick Start Guide, Workout Calendar, Get Lean Eating Plan, Tape Measure
30 day + supply of Shakeology Meal Replacement Flavor of your choice…
100% support from our team
PiYo Virtual Support Group for motivation and peer support

Option #2

60 Day program
25-45 minute workouts
Base Kit (8 workouts plus 1 bonus workout when purchasing with a coach)
Tools: Quick Start Guide, Workout Calendar, Get Lean Eating Plan, Tape Measure
All this for $59.85 plus tax and shipping

Here is ONE on ONE with Chalene Johnson the creator of PIYO with ALL the details on the program, get the inside scoop and see what the moves are like and watch her demonstrate them! 


DIY Nursing Tank Top

Who wants to pay $25-$35 for a special tank top when you can quick make your own?
I love how simple it is and how many tanks I already owned that I could do this too. Watch  the video to find out how!

What you need:
Spaghetti strap tanks
Thread (any color preferably the same color as tank)