Setting SMART Goals

Let this be the last year you resolve to do something and then not meet your expectations. How can we prepare to fail and then keep pressing forward all year long? Move forward this year by creating SMART goals....

Specific goals are CLEAR. Tell your brain exactly what is expected and WHY its important to you. Your specific goals usually answers the Who, What, Where, Why & How Questions.

For example: "I want to lose 10 lbs this month which will be 2.5 lbs a week which I will check each STATurday by taking pictures, weight and measurements. I plan to lose this weight by planning my meals for each week (week by week) on weekends and working out 25 mins a day 6 days a week. I will try 1 new meat free meal a week. I will report daily in my accountability group (Inside out Fit family)."

Measurable emphasizes reachable benchmarks. If a goal is not measureable, it is not possible to know whether you are making progress or not. A measurable goal usually answers How much and by when.

For Example: "I want to lose 50 lbs by June"

Achievable with Accountability means goals need to be realistic and shared with someone, even though dreams can be big BIG and scary. Extreme Goals usually invite frustration and forever failure. Breaking the big dreams down into baby steps helps to make them achievable. Accountablity is important too! Telling someone and sharing your goals asking them to check in with you once a month or once a week or once a day if you need it! ASK for what you need

For example: "I plan to lose 10 lbs a month 2.5 a week and I will share this with my coworker Liz and have her check in with me on Mondays.

Result Oriented is when Focus on the end results you desire rather than the activities necessary to get there. I hang a pair of pants that are tight that I am trying to fit into by the end of my goal time frame on my bathroom door in my bedroom. I see them there all day to remind me of the RESULTS I want. I stay focused on the RESULTS rather then the grooling sweat session Shaun T is going to take me thru! 

Time Bound Goals have a clearly defined time-frame including a target or deadline date. Remember to break down that time frame to measureable attainable smaller goals to reach those bigger long term.
Beachbody programs come with awesome workout calendars that I use to plaster on the wall and set the goal to follow it 100% for 30 days. I will mark off each day with a big X and a little move like that gets me excited to see all the marks each day and makes me NOT want to skip even 1 X ont he calendar! Get excited its TIME to take action to change!

I'd love to hear from you! Message me- Share your SMART goals with me. I have a SMART goals form I fill out each year so the following year I can look back and see where I was a year ago. If you would like this form  let me know!

5 Day Free Clean Eating Challenge

Join me in a FREE 5 day Clean Eating SUPPORT group Challenge Starting the 1st week of Every Month! 

We will be cleaning up our nutrition, working out daily and learning nutritional tips & info that will guide us to make better choices. All of this PLUS, daily INSIDE fit devotional, the support and motivation from the group & personal Coach support & daily motivation will help you begin the journey to become all you were created to be- healthy & Alive! 

Here’s stark reality…you can work out like a crazy person, but if you you treat your body like a trashcan and are not eating well, you will NOT get the results you want. It all starts in the kitchen. This group will be a no-brainer. I will be providing you with

  • Free customizable meal plan
  • Daily workout
  • Daily Inside Fit Devotional
  • Group Cheering you on
  • Coach Support
  • Next Step Action Plan for AFTER the Challenge
  • healthy eating tips
 You’ll bring the excitement and energy. Together we’ll get RESULTS! 

Here’s how you join:

1) Go HERE to register quick to make me your FREE Coach. This will add you to my client list. 

2) Next, request to join my private Facebook group HERE where the challenge and fun will begin 

3) Share this invite with a friend, family member  or co-worker to take the challenge with you! 

That’s it! * 

*Once I verify that you are on my client list, you’ll be approved into the group. I’ll be adding the meal plan, shopping list, tips to prep, etc all the way up until we start 

What is Insanity MAX 30? How can I get it?

I'm so excited for you all to experience the newest Shaun T fitness program!  So let me give you the entire lowdown on the program and what you can expect!

Shaun T is the creator of Hip Hop Abs, Rockin Body, Insanity, Insanity the Asylum, my favorite T25 and now Insanity Max30!  He has been creating amazing fitness programs since 2007 that truly work and get you the results you are looking for!  

Insanity Max 30 is full of 150 new moves to help you dig a little deeper and get your body in the very best shape of your life pushing you to the MAX. This workout combines cardio & strength moves without using any equipment at all. No equipment needed-Your body weight is your equipment for this workout!  The program is 60 days long and is broken down into month 1 and month 2.  The workouts are all 30 minutes each with a 10 minute ab workout.  The idea of this program is not to make it through the entire 30 minutes, but to "MAX OUT" and go as hard as you can until you have to take a break!  You want to max out, it's not a bad thing.  You actually track your daily progress by your Max Out times and aim to increase that time with each workout getting longer and longer!!! 

Who is Insanity Max30 for?  
It is for anyone that is a fitness beginner who wants to jump start their journey with an insane workout (it does have a modifier). You do not have to have completed T25 or Insanity to start this program! 

It's not about your physical fitness- It's about your mindset! 

So you can the person wanting to lose 5lbs, 10lbs, 50 or 100 lbs.  This workout is for you if you are mentally strong and ready to rock it.
What are the workouts like:
The workouts in month 1 are a combination of cardio and tabata style strength workouts!  You no longer have a fit test like Insanity but every single workout is your fit test because your goal  is to beat your time from the day before!  

What is a tabata workout?  
It is 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off with the workout structure.

Month 2 is all about taking it to the max and challenging yourself to the max! The intervals are longer and the rest time stays the same so it's challenging your endurance and strength.

For month 2 the intervals are 45 seconds on and 15 seconds off.

What about reaching a plateau?  
If you reach a plateau it's not a bad thing! It's  it means that you worked hard to get to that plateau and now its time for change a time to work harder, go further, use your core, change up your diet and go hard with greater INTENSITY! Insanity Max30 is going to be your plateau breaker!!!!  

Whats different about this program?
It's going to make you feel like you are maxing out in one move but then you switch and it gives you a little break so you can max out in another way!  The intervals are also a little different, 3 moves, 30 seconds each 3 rounds.  

The focus is really on that recovery time.  Your recovery time is to enhance other parts of the workout.  Its all about MINDSET and kickin yourself in the rear to go harder and longer each time!

Is there a modifier?
Yes- there is a modifier track option so that you can see the modifier all the time during the workout which makes it easier to follow.

What is Maxing out?  To Max Out means to stop or fail for the first time in the workout.  It's really truly not about getting through all 30 minutes.  It's about going as hard as you can for as long as you can, until you MAX OUT BABY!! Write down the time take a break, and then you want to jump back into the workout.  If you stay committed and push to your max you will add more time each week with the workouts!  


What comes with the kit and how much does it cost??

Month 1:  

During month one of Insanity Max 30, you will be working hard with 2 insane cardio workouts, plus two hardcore strength workouts that will get you prepared for the Max 30 Friday Fight workout.

Cardio Challenge

Want to try 30 minutes of the hardest cardio you have ever done? You found it with Max 30 Cardio Challenge. This workout is intense, will get you sweaty, and will melt the fat off you in just 30 minutes.

Sweat Intervals

Interval training is where it’s at for sure! Insanity Max 30 is where it’s at with Sweat Intervals. You won’t even notice that 30 minutes is complete, and you will be left covered in sweat.

Tabata Strength

There is no rest in Insanity Max 30 Tabata Strength. 8 rounds, 4 different moves, two times each. What do you have to look forward to? Burpee Lunges, Plyo lunges, Split lung punches, Lung Kicks, and much more! It keeps getting harder and harder and harder. Tabata Strength is all about building incredible strength.

Tabata Power

Your muscles will beg for mercy as your strength training goes to a new level with Max 30. 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off power moves for 30 minutes will leave you asking “what just happened!”

Friday Fight

This is one of the most exciting workouts you will do. Think martial arts inspired cardio workouts where you will really have to dig deep and give it everything you have.
5 day a week program!  

There is a Pulse workout for Saturday and it's optional. It's more of a pulse, balance, modifier type workout.  Focus on core, balance and form. 
Month 2:
All the workouts are still 30 minutes.  Now you have Max out cardio & Max out Sweat with power moves to 5 1/2 minutes and then the break.  

Tabata Workout- Max out Strength and Max Out Power
45 seconds on 15 second rest and 6 rounds and at the end an extra something!

Friday Fight Round 2:  It's just your done for round 2. 

Workouts on 10 DVDS, MAX out Nutrition Guide, Restaurant Guide, Wall Calendar.
60 day program, 30 days of workouts in each block.

Coach Exclusive:  SWEAT FEST is the coach exclusive that you only get when you buy from a coach.  Old Insanity cast members and coaches!  It's just a little impromptu workout that is a rockin good time!

So how can you get it?  
You can only get it through a Team Beachbody coach starting on the 2nd of December!  So if you do not have a coach make sure to make me yours!  Click my link to create a FREE profile and send me a message by clicking the "CONTACT MY COACH" button to get the scoop on Insanity Max 30.  

Starting January, I have an exclusive TEST group starting where will will do the program together in a private group!
Each participant is required to purchase the Insanity Max30 program from me as their coach.  Each participant is also required to replace 1 meal a day with Shakeology for the duration of the program.  The best option is to get the challenge pack because it has free shipping, discounted price, and includes everything you need to get started right!  

Why ShakeologyBecause you will need the best brain and muscle fuel you can get during this workout.  You will want to have this nutrient dense meal replacement every single day so that your muscles are getting vitamins and nutrients to recover from the intense workouts, you are getting perfect portion control that is fueling you for your next workout and is keeping you full, energized and on track.  You are not adding this to your weekly grocery list, it is replacing something you previously used to eat!  For most people it replaces that drive thru, that daily stop out for lunch or the excessive snacks they used to eat because they didn't have time to make a healthy meal! 

Just want the program without Shakeology? Order here